Thursday, 1 December 2016

Room Tour

So excited to blog again! I'm not the best writer and probably my grammar level is the same as a third grader but I'm so excited to post my first blog here: room tour.

I always wanted to post this but I don't feel comfortable sharing it on MFC because most of the time my room is a mess because I work overnight shift and go to school during the day also probably its because I live in a tiny apartment room.

First, this is my working table :D

where i hang all of my purikura from Japan ;;;;
my school pencil case and some of my copic. i actually never use the regular copic because i fell in love with ciao the first time i get to use them.
some magazines i bought during my trip. havent really got to open it beside tearing all of the posters so far lol.
lol I tried to pose it as Oikawa jump serve.
now move on to detolf ;;;;; my okita shrine because it doesnt fit inside the detolf anymore lmao
first row: oikawa shrine lol
then my gintama scale shrine (except that gintoki but since hes a rare item and as big as scale, why not)
third one, my Angemon scale and some premium prize figure ;;; that Gintoki is my fav
my bottom one is my K-ON shrine. I wanna fix this soon tho haha
now, its my actual bookcase. i have a thing on buying anime cups lol also those pikachu ramen that i probably will never eat.
my first row: English manga, my Working figures and some sports anime :D
the rest of those Gintama shrine lol. Mostly GinHiji but not complaining.
and of course, my Haikyuu shrine lol except its waaaay too dark lol
more Haikyuu shrine but this time its for Nendoroid. also where I store all of my games, DVDs, and CDs (i got rid most of them already haha)
next one is where I keep most of my books like novels, Japanese textbooks, and all of my Japanese manga (also some English Haikyuu ones)
bottom row since its more taller is where I keep all of my clearfiles (that left side; I own too many and I think I have problem lol), Japanese magazines, Shonen Jump, doujins, and other magazines that I normally use as design reference.
this used to be my okita shrine table but I need something to keep all of my make up and wigs ;;
some wigs i'm not planning to store inside a bag because it took times to style. so excited to cosplay Yachi again soon!
some storage bought from Walmart mostly to keep most of my cosplay stuff
and also to keep all of my anime merch
another corkboard for all of my acrylic keychains because I don't want them to scratch ;;;
lets move on to my bed(side) area. idk why I even collect anime pillow haha but ok I got that Oikawa body pillow for free tbh.
Seijoh can aka where I hide candies on my room lol also a gorgeous commission work from my fav artist (aku-usagi; look her up!)
the rest of that gintama poster shrine hahah mostly from magazine spread or fanarts
and my haikyuu wall ;;;;
still forever crying but also they gave me the wrong poster hahah but not complaining because its from the first run aka DADCHI
my latest addition to the Haikyuu poster from Jump Shop. literally my fav thing.

And that conclude for the room tour. I hope everyone enjoys it or you can cry together with me. Hopefully I can post more in the future.


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