Thursday, 2 March 2017

Dec-Jan Haul

This is the first time I ever post a haul blog and hoping to continue doing this is the future again. Most of my haul are from my AmiAmi monthly preorders (yes, I have a wild preorder habits) which later on, most of the time I regret lol.


First one is my November from AmiAmi. The biggest package I got so far and also the heaviest since I had to pick it up at the post office and pay custom fees.

It barely fits my room lol

First layer o_0
On the bottom of the box there's this~
Kashuu was my Christmas present from me to me lol he was on sale too for 4800yen so I had to snatched him before the price went up.

One of my regret; my Osomatsu days are over lol (sold)
My friend asked me to get this since it was on sale and we've been eyeing this for awhile. I got Sougo and Kamui tho <3
I finally got myself a Sakura nendoroid ahhhh

Close up to the Gintama poster
and what's inside the Touken Ranbu Hanamaru CD


Next is from Toysanta on Rakuten. One of my fav place to buy cheap gatchas on Rakuten or online in general.

Everything inside only cost me $15 CAD with shipping lol


AmiAmi December Preorder

I forgot to take a pic of the actual box but it was pretty big. First layer is this Pokemon Kana mini clearfile.

I ended up trading him for Umaru Nendoroid ha

Super useful for my school portfolio actually.

My Okita haul
I totally forgot to take a picture of the entire haul rip


January AmiAmi Preorder pt.1

I've been splitting my orders these days into several packages since I've been dinged with custom a lot which frustrate me so much ;;;;

Even this one got dinged LOL

SUPER CUTEEEEE  I wish I bought the rest of the lineup
I didn't expect this to be this small haha
Been eyeing this for some time too and finally they went on sale!! I'm keeping the top three, the rest are on sale here.


The rest of my AmiAmi January preorders came along with a couple of Mandarake orders


AmiAmi January Preorder pt.2



AmiAmi January Preorder pt.3

Bigger than I expected omg


Mandarake Complex

Finally got the one figure I've been looking for forever!! I don't like these Haikyuu!! 1/8 figures from Takara Tomy like the entire lineup doesn't look attractive except for Suga :D


Mandaraka Sahra

I told them to wrap my R-rated doujins and they actually did haha.


That conclude the rest of this haul post :D Still waiting for all of my February orders



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